6 Tips For Your Winter Tan

6 Tips For Your Winter Tan

Wondering how to get a tan in Winter? We share our six top tips and tricks to help you add a little warmth back into your skin, despite the cold weather outside. 

1. Exfoliate dry skin

When it comes to self tanning, exfoliation is the key to an even-looking, flawless finish, particularly in Winter. As the weather turns cold, skin becomes drier, which can cause tan to look patchy. 

Starting at the legs and working your way upwards, gently massage your favourite exfoliator into the skin using circular motions. Pay particular attention to dry areas, like the feet, ankles, knees and elbows. This should be done 24 hours before tan application.  

 2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

As self tan clings to very dry areas, always ensure that your skin is well hydrated. Use a moisturiser every day in the week leading up to tan application, then moisturise very dry areas, such as elbows, knees, ankles, feet and hands, 2 to 3 hours before tanning. 

 3. Go slow

To get a natural-looking tan in Winter, we recommend taking a gradual approach. By applying a light amount of tanning mousse every day, you’ll build your color over time, creating a more subtle look.  

 4. Infuse the skin with vitamins and hydration

As skin is particularly dry throughout Winter, there are huge benefits to using a self tanning product enriched with skin-nourishing ingredients. 

 5. Don’t forget the face

Tanning your face is particularly important in Winter, as your body is likely to be covered up. To create a natural tan, you can use your summerbrons tanning mousse like a contour and create a stunning natural tan look.

 6. Target your tan

As your Winter wardrobe won’t be as revealing as your Summer one, you don’t necessarily need to tan from head to toe. Focusing on the arms, hands, decolletage, neck and face should suffice. If you often wear ripped jeans or skirts with high boots and no tights, we recommend tanning your legs too.  


And that’s how to get a tan in Winter! Explore the full ranges of tanning products on our website or find out more about how to make your tan last longer.

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